Getting Started.

Start Up Form ( Fig 1 )

Click on the Company Button to enter in your Company Details.

Click on the Continue Button to skip entering in your company information and continue to the quotation form. 


                                                                                Figure (1)

You also have the option to change the colour appearance of the back forms by clicking on the Change Colour Option .Fig 2


Changing this colour option will change all Microsoft Office Colours.

               Fig (2) 

Click the company button to start entering your company details and also upload your company logo.


To upload your company logo click on the load logo button .

In the Load Your Logo Form ( Fig 1) Click on the Select and Load Your Company Logo Button, then click on the Save Your Company Logo Button to upload your logo on all reports.


                                                             ( Fig 1)

To edit the main captions in your reports open up the report designer


In the Report designer you can edit the quotation report,Invoice or the quotation cover report.

It is important do carry out this procedure first, all the details we enter will appear on all your Reports i.e.: Quotation,Delivery Note, Invoice, Purchase Order.


After entering your company details you are now ready to start.Click on the Quotation Tab to start making your first Quotation.

Click Here to go to the Making Your First Quotation Page.