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Desk Quote Professional is an efficient easy to use Database / Quotation / Invoice / Software that easily manages all your business data and activities. What makes Desk Quote Professional so unique is it’s use of the Job Status field.

The Job Status field  is a drop down box were the user would select the Job Status for each enquiry. Using our Job Status function means the user has to enter the enquiry data only once, as the enquiry moves from the status of Awaiting Customer Response all the way through to Invoicing and Awaiting Payment, the only function needed from the user would be to change the Job Status Field.
When entering the enquiry data into the Quotation Form this same data is then automatically transferred on to the Delivery Note, Job Sheet, Purchase Order, Credit Note, Pro Forma Invoice and Invoice.This is a very efficient way of handling your data and frees up time and money for all your staff.

Software Information

Desk Quote Networked version is a split database, the back end is located and setup on a desiginated PC or server within your company, each user is then linked to the same backend data files using individually installed front ends. Desk Quote is an ideal package for either a single user, for indivduals and small companies and can be easily networked as your company expands.Desk Quote comes fully networked ,by purchasing additional user licenses each member of your staff can share data efficiently. We can also offer a quote on modifying Desk Quote to more suit your organisation.

Our quotation, invoice, CRM software will capture all your data entries and convert all your reports automatically to pdf format, your document reports ie : Estimates/Quotations, Job Sheets, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Credit Notes, Pro Forma Invoice and Invoices will then be ready to email or print at a click of a button. Desk Quote offers no annual fees or hidden charges just a one off payment per networked user.

With its built in user permissions the administrator can block entry to certain forms to certain users. Desk Quote will instantly convert your documents to ” pdf ” format and with one click instantly print or email all your documents.
Desk Quote Professional looks and feels like a software and not a complicated set of spread sheets.