Your First Quotation

Click Here to go to the creating your first quotation video tutorial.
To create your first quotation using Desk Quote Professional please follow the steps below.
Before you can create your first quotation you must first ensure that you have entered in your customer details.
Navigate to the Customers form by clicking on the customers tab button on your left.
In the customers form Fig 2 below
click on the New Button …. >   New-Button.jpg
to enable the form andenter in your Customer Details.
To edit currently entered customer information
click on the edit button …. >   Edit-Button.jpg 


(Fig 2)

After entering your Customer details navigate to the Quotation Form. In the Quotation Form below click on the New button … >   New-Button.jpg   to start a new Quotation.

To edit currently entered quotations click on the edit button …. >   Edit-Button.jpg

After clicking the New Button the Select Customer Form opens  (Fig 5) , double click on the customer name to select your customer .

The customer name will then be sent to the Quotation form.


(Fig 5)

Your Customer has now appeared in the customer text box in the quotation form, now continue to enter the remaining information that will appear on your completed Quotation Report.

The Job Status is a very important function within Desk Quote Pro,

The Job Status field has the default value of Awaiting Customer Response, the job status will change on every stage of the enquiry from Awaiting Customer Response to Awaiting Payment.

For more information on the Job Status field click here.

You can now proceed to enter in the remaining details into the quotation form.

  •        Made by box … the name of the person that created the quotation .

The drop down menu in the made by box contains all your employees and staff names these names are all entered in the Employees Form

Open up your Employees form and enter all your staff names that will issue quotations before proceeding with your first quotation.

  •        Contacts box … the Contact person in the Company that the quotation will be sent to.

The drop down menu in the contacts box contains all your customer contacts, the names that appear in this drop down box comes from your customer contacts form. Open up your customers form and then click on the customer contacts button  ….  > contatcts.jpg   on the bottom control bar.

  •        Quantity box ….. the number of items you are quoting on.
  •        Product box …… your product name.
  •        Product Description box ….. the description of the quoted product or products.
  •        Job Card Instructions …. enter instructions for your staff which will appear in the Job Sheet.”

The Job Status box is automatically filled with the default value of Awaiting Customer Response.

  •        Delivery box …. the delivery timescale i.e.: 1 day , 2 weeks ect.
  •        Delivery Combo Box ….. select either Days Weeks or Months for the delivery timescale.
  •        Quotation Date … automatically generated when you click on new record.
  •        Job issued Date …. automatically generated when you change the status in the Job Status field to Job Issued,
  •        Job Status …. manually change your job status as required.
  •        Delivery date …. appears automatically when you print a delivery note.
  •        Start date ….. appears automatically when you print out a Job Sheet
  •        Finish date ….. appears automatically when you print out a Delivery Note.
  •        Days overdue …. appears and is calculated once the quoted delivery timescale is superseded.

You are now ready to enter costs to finalize your quotation.  {  Desk Quote Professional automatically saves at all times. }

Desk Quote has a products form,in the products form you will enter all your company products and services, once you have entered all your products the quotaation process is easy you just need to select your required product or part number from the drop down menu and your product details and costs will automatically populate.

Click on the products form button … >  productsbutton.jpg  in the quotation form to open the products form as illustrated in Fig (6) below and start entering in your first products.

In the Products Form Fig 6 below, click on the New button … >   New-Button.jpg   to enter in a new product.

To edit currently entered products click on the edit button  …. >   Edit-Button.jpg

Products Form


After entering some of your products in the products form you anre now ready to finalise your first quotation.

All your entered products are saved in the products form, when you need to quote your customers in the future ,all you need to do is just select your part number from the part number drop down box and all the text boxes will be automatically populated for you including your cost price and selling price.

In the lower half of the quotation form (Fig 6 ) click on the new quote item button … > newmatlabour.jpg  enter in your item number (1) and then select your product/Part Number from the drop down Part Number combo box.


(Fig 6)

After finalizing your quotation you are now ready to print out your Quotation.

In the quotation form click on the lower preview or print button strip as illustrated in Fig 7 below.


(Fig 7)

Clicking any one of these buttons open up the print Selection form as illustrated in Fig 8 below.


(Fig 8)

Click the Print button to print your quotation or the eye glass to preview your quotation.

You can also directly email the quotation in pdf format by clicking the email button or output the quotation in pdf format.

There are three option strips available, you have the option to send a quotation without a cover sheet or an option to send your quote with either the default cover sheet or the personal cover sheet that you can prepare or edit in the cover sheet designer … > coversheetdesiner.jpg

To directly email your quotation as a pdf, you will need to use Windows Mail or MS Outlook as your email client.

The email client software will need to be open on your computer.

Please navigate through all the features and buttons on every form to make yourself familiar with all controls.