Custom Access Database Software

Why create your own Custom Access Database when we have already developed it for you.


  • Every growing business needs a powerful custom database application providing networking, flexibility and functionality.
  • Desk Quote Professional is exactly what your staff needs to make your organization more profitable.
  • Choose to house your back end data tables with a cloud based SQL Server back end or locally on your computer.
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Simple to Navigate & Use

Our Custom Database Application will help handle your data and print all your documents. We developed a generic custom access database that includes all the functions you require.

Fast Search Capabilities

Using fast search capabilities to instantly find customer data, quotations and invoices makes your organization more efficient. No more searching through filing cabinets. 

Modify Desk Quote to suit you

Creating your own custom access database is very costly and time consuming all key forms, functions, and reports are included in our custom database software 

More Than A Data Handling Software

Desk Quote Professional is more than just a Data Handling Software, it’s user friendly with a easy to use layout which offers fast learning for all users. Our Custom Access Database Application offers no monthly or annual fees, just a one off payment per networked user.

Connect To Your Data From Anywhere

With your SQL Server back end tables hosted in the cloud, your data can be accessed anywhere in the world, all you need is a copy of the front end installed on your laptop and you can connect to the back end tables hosted in the cloud.

Cost Effective Solution.

Having a fully developed database application is much less costly and time consuming for your company. Employing a database company or programmer to develop a bespoke database software will cost you thousands. Desk Quote Professional is your cost effective solution

Quotation Form

The image shows our main Quotation Form you can click on the image to enlarge. The Quotation Form is where users add new quotations. Desk Quote  is a split database, the back end is located and setup on a designated PC or server within your company, each user is then linked to the same back end data files using individually installed front ends.

What makes our custom access database application unique is its use of the Job Status field. The Job Status field is a drop down box were the user would select a Job Status for each inquiry/quotation. This allows the user to enter customer data  once, as the inquiry moves from each status of Awaiting Customer Response all the way through to Invoicing to Awaiting Payment the only user requirement would be to change the Job Status.

When entering the quotation data in the Quotation Form this same data is then automatically transferred on to the Delivery Note, Job Sheet, Purchase Order, Credit Note, Pro Forma Invoice and Invoice.

Efficient way of handling data

All database application offers an efficient way of handling data and free’s up your staff saving you time and money. Desk Quote Professional is for individuals and small to medium size companies that need a fast efficient way of handling data.

Desk Quote is fully network compatible each member of your staff can share data efficiently and print quotations, invoices, and convert all reports automatically to PDF format. The application has all default reports built in which can easily be modified.

Our Custom Software Application has all reports buit in Estimates/Quotations, Job Sheets, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Credit Notes, Pro Forma Invoice and Invoices all ready to  email, print or export in pdf format with one click of a button.

With its built in user permissions the administrator can block entry to certain forms to certain users. Desk Quote Professional looks and feels like a software and not a complicated set of spread sheets like other competitors database applications.

Benefits to your organization.

  • Invoices produced with or without VAT.
  • Track sales through to invoicing and payment.
  • Help maintain ISO Quality Accreditations.
  • Auto Save Data with full back up facility
  • Enter your countries currency symbol .
  • Track orders from invoice to payment.
  • Print Professional looking Documents.

How do you handle data !

  • Do you enter information into a enquiry ledger.
  • Get your secretary to type the quotation.
  • Enter the information into a Job Issued ledger
  • Enter the information on to a Job Sheet.
  • Enter the information on to a Delivery Note.
  • Finally enter the information to your Invoice.
  • We offer a more efficient solution.

Designed for non-computer experts.

Our Database software has been structured for non-computer experts to use and can be fully modified to suit your Company’s exact requirements. Our experienced team can quickly modify the software structure to your and offer suggestions and timescales.

Our Custom Access Database Application has already been developed, so with past customer experience we know that only small changes most of our potential customers will require.

Installation Support

Our Customers take advantage of our remote service where we offer help and assistance in setting up the Custom Access Software on their computer and remotely carry out some online training and guide them through entering their first quotation. With the help of some online software we can communicate for free and demonstrate the modifications you required on a step by step basis.

Internal Report Design

Our custom data handling software can handle your company logo, details, and country currency symbol. Desk Quote Professional provides clear professional looking documents that you can personalize to your requirements.
Secretarial staff typing quotations and purchase orders are a thing of the past. Modern efficient companies run a bespoke networked CRM database package that allows all key members of staff to quickly carry out these tasks individually.

Software Layouts

When you decide to modify our application to more suit the way your company currently works, you can decide on any form layout that suits your organization.
You decide how your reports will look and what your customer sees on the Quotation and Invoice. You can decide to show your discount rates, total materials, subtotals or any combination that suits.

Professional looking Documents.

All documents required for your business is available with this efficient easy to use database software. i.e.: Quotation or Estimate Sheets, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Job Root Cards, Job Costing Reports and most important of all your Invoices.
You would be amazed at the number of delivery notes that are mislaid, if your company relies on delivery notes to invoice you could lose thousands of pounds in profit. Desk Quote Professional is unique and uses what we call a Job Status Function to follow the enquiry from start to finish.

Company Parts Form

Desk quote includes a company parts table and forms which enables you to issue product quotations in under 20 seconds. When selecting your product code the form is automatically populated with your Product Image, Product Name, Product Description and Selling Price.

Employees Information

Keep all your employees private and confirmation information in one place, gain easy access to all your employees training records and achievements. Immediately locate all your employees telephone numbers and address.

Desk Quote Developers

We fully appreciate that each company develops their own way of operating. We offer a comprehensive competitive service to modify the generic structure of our Database Application to suit your requirements.

Desk Quote was developed to include the majority of company requirements ,so small modifications will not cost you the earth. Modifying a structured database like Desk Quote is much less costly than having a totally new database developed and programmed for your company.


Can be easily networked without a main server.

Our software is easily networked. Have you wondered how many times your company enter the same information into log books. Desk Quote offers an easier more efficient solution .

Benefits of using Desk Quote Professional.

Customer Experience and Employee Productivity: A customer experience is the holistic experience that customers perceive as they interact with every facet of a product or service. Individual experiences add up to form a concept, which becomes the product’s “brand”. When re-designing the customer experience, it is a good idea to also evaluate how the change may affect employees of the organization. The level of employee productivity, with respect to a specific task or set of tasks, is often based on the tools that employees use to perform job-related tasks. In many cases, a software application or website is one of those tools. As employees use these tools to do their job, they develop a perception of each tool’s user experience and level of usability.

Desk Quote Professional ROI

ROI (or return on investment) refers to the returned value in profit, savings, or productivity that can be attributed to a given investment. The returns generated from investments in software development are measured in both quantitative and qualitative of ways. Investments in usability can be put to the same tests. While usability improvements have often focused on qualitative metrics, they can be measured in quantitative terms as well. Improving the usability of a software and can increase sales, reduce customer service calls, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.