User Name & Password

To Change your user name and password carry out the following procedure.


In the Quotation Form click on the switch button  located on the top right hand corner of the quotation form


Clicking the switch button opens up the switchboard form as illustraded below.


Click on the Admin Panel Button to open the admin access form


Click on the Enter Password Button, to make visible the enter admin panel button

Enter in the correct password and push down the enter key on your keyboard.

Your password can be found in the readme notes ( README & PASSWORDS-V7.1 ) that is located in either your Program Data folder for Windos 7 users or Program files folder for Windows XP Users


After enetering in your password and clicking the enter key on your keyboard the Enter Admin Panel Button becomes visible.


Click on the enter Admin Panel Button


Click on the Users Button to open the Main Admin Form


You can add or edit all desk quote users from this form.

To create a new User Group click on the User Group Button


The user group button open up your permissions form.

This form enables the administrator to select what forms individual users can view and access.