Compact Form

Why Compact Desk Quote Professional ? Every database are uniquely designed to allow databases to consistently increase in size, unless you compact them. When you delete a record from a database, the space allotted for that record continues to be held in reserve by the database and it is not released for reuse. Likewise, extra space, created by modifying and shortening records, is not released for reuse.

If you never compact your database, your database will retain the “wasted” space and continue to consume additional space to accommodate additional data. As an example, if you delete all of the records from a 1MB database and then add 2MB of data, your database will be in excess of 3MB. The 1MB of space, which was allocated to the deleted records, is held by the database as wasted space, which only serves to corrupt your database and fragment your data.

To avoid generating excess amounts of wasted space and corrupting your database, you must compact your database periodically. The Compact Utility reduces the physical size of your database by making an exact duplicate of the database while also ridding the database of any excess space created by deleting and modifying data. Compacting is the only way to reduce the size of your database.

The Compact Utility restructures table records and objects, and then stores them in successive memory blocks, eliminating wasted space. The utility also updates table statistics to reflect database characteristics of the restructured data. The more additions, deletions and modifications performed on your database, the more often they should be compacted.

Compacting Desk Quote Professional is a simple process, just navigate to the Compact form and click the compact button.You will first be presented with a warning message to ensure that you have carried out the following: see Fig (1) below.

                                                                       Fig (1)

If you are using the networking version of Desk Quote Professional ,you must ensure every PC Terminal using the software closes down Desk Quote Professional .

The compact function is normally carried out at the end of the day when only the last remaining terminal is running Desk Quote Professional.It is also always wise to have created a Backup of your data files before proceeding with the compact function.

The backing up of Desk Quote Professional back end data files is also a very easy process, just navigate to the Company form and the Backup button will appear.Just click on the backup button to proceed with the backup.

See the backing up page for further details on backing up desk Quote Professional

Screenshot of the Compact Form