Company Form

Click on the edit details button to start entering your company details and also to upload your company logo.

It is important do carry out this procedure first because all the Details we enter here will

appear in all our Reports i.e.: Quotation Delivery Note Invoice, Purchase Order. See Fig (5) below.

( Notice how the Company Buttons appearance has changed { see Fig (1) below }, this informs you what form is currently open.)


                                                                                                       Fig (1)


To upload your company logo click on the load logo button …       >

In the Logo Upload Form ( Fig 2) Right Click on the lower Desk Quote installed logo and click on load, select your own logo from your computer.

For best results use jpeg’s for your logo, then resize your logo to 520 x 65 pixels, when installing Desk Quote we provide a sample Desk Quote logo , open the sample logo in a photo editing programme like Adobe Photoshop and edit using your own logo.

Right click on our Desk Quote Logo below and click on Save Image As to save to your computer, you can then edit our logo into your own logo.


                                        Logo Sample for Download


                                                             ( Fig 2)

The Image Toolbar and Functions

Click on Select and Load Your Company Logo Button to load your image and then click on the save your company logo button to save.