Which Windows platforms is compatible with Desk Quote ?

Desk Quote Professional will run on both 32bit and 64 bit Windows 2000 , XP , Vista and Windows 7-10 platforms.

How do I Pay and download Desk Quote Professional ?

Navigate to the Purchasing web page and click on the Buy Now button , you will then need to add in your full name and email address, we will then redirect you to the secure part of out partner site to purchase a user license.

To download your trial you can either click the download button on the home page or add your Desk Quote professional versions to the shopping cart and fill in the registration form. Once you have completed the registration process you will be sent to the secure payment section of the site.n All payments are processed through pay pal and are fully secure.

After payment confirmation you will be immediately directed to the download link you will also be sent an email with the download link.

How Long can I use the software ?

After purchasing Desk Quote Professional the software is yours, there is no annual locks or annual subscription.
You will be notified by email on any version updates and you decide whether or not to upgrade the software.
The documents and data are all stored on your computer so you will always have access to them.

What essential Information is provided by this program… ?

Due to its unique Job Status field it filters out all the jobs currently at a job pending stage(Job Issued Status) and all the Jobs currently being worked on (Work in Progress Status) all the work that’s Awaiting Delivery and all the work that Awaiting Invoice it not only offers a list form of all these but gives you the total cost value ,total hours and all issue/delivery dates.
It offers shop floor capacity totals and planning, full purchasing capability that is linked to the enquiry Auto Number,charts that enable you to instantly recognize your top customers and monthly sales totals. It can work out all your VAT payments and you can manually enter in your country currency symbol and tax rate.

How easy is it to find old customer details … ?

Enter the Enquiry No,Customer Name,Contact or Enquiry Description in the find box and your customer details will be displayed immediately.

Does the Software print my reports…?

Yes the software will preview and print all your reports :

  • Standard Quotation.
  • Detailed Quotation
  • Quotation Cover.
  • Customer Letter
  • Purchase Order.
  • Purchase Ledger.
  • Job Sheet/Card.
  • Delivery Note.
  • Standard Invoice.
  • Detailed Invoice
  • Job Costing Report.
  • Customer Address Report.
  • Supplier Address Report.
  • Meeting Planner.
  • Time Sheets
  • Profit or Loss.
  • Invoice Lists.

How will my Reports Look.

You can add your own Company Logo Company Name Company Details Country Tax Rate and your currency symbol in the Company Form. You can also change all wording and layouts in your Quotation and Invoice Sheets. All information entered will be displayed within your reports.

Can it be Networked…?

Yes Desk Quote Professional Version 2 can be networked and allows individual passwords and user levels. You may want to restrict some areas of the program to certain members of your organization. The back end database is stored on your local server and each user has a front end. Desk Quote Professional will auto link the users front end to the back end on start up.

If Desk Quote Professional cannot find the link to the back end on start up there is an alternative method built in to the software enabling the user to click on a link button to manually search for the back end database