Job Status Form

The Job Status Function

Desk Quote Professional is unique and uses what we call a Job Status Function to follow the enquiry from start to finish.
The Job Status Function is found on the Main Quotation form as illustrated below in Fig (1)


                                                                                              Fig (1)

The Job Status Field allows the initial enquiry to be entered only once at the beginning .
The enquiry details are kept under the Awaiting Customer Response  status until the customer contacts you and awards you the work.
If the enquiry was successful you now only have to change the job status in this field to Job Issued .
If you currently run a paper and log book process in your company you would now probably fill the same details into a alternative job book.
With Desk Quote Professional the initial enquiry details are used and the only physical work required is to simply click on the quotation form edit
button and then click on the drop down menu box name Job Status and change the job status.

It is as simple as that !

When you attempt to change the job status you will have  warning messages form appear asking you to confirm the action as shown below.
This message boxes appears to ensure and to remind you of your action, it is important to remember that changing a job status from
Awaiting Customer Response to Job Issued for instance means you are demonstrating to all your staff that you can now start work and spending on materials
and labour on this enquiry .
You don’t want to start work on any jobs until the customers have approved the work by given you either verbal or written confirmation to start.
These warning message boxes appear to double check that you do want to change the Job Status.

Add a Specific Job Status to suit your organization.

You can add a specific job status to the Quotation drop down job status box by opening the Job Status form click on edit scroll to the last status
and enter a specific status to suit your organization.As mentioned in the job status form you must not delete the current job status .
These are used to filter out your work in the Orders Forms.You might want to add a job status like Job Cancelled or To Expensive , the job status
will be fixed on every enquiry and will always remind you of the position of that specific job.

If you add a job status like To Expensive for instance and you had the opportunity in requoting that job ,you could search for the job title , customer
name or customer contact to see what you quoted previously ,see the job status To Expensive and offer a cheaper quotation on this occasion to win the work.
The Job Status field makes monitoring current and passed work very efficient.

Add Job Status Form