Labour Form

The Labour Form holds all the labour hours on specific jobs by your employees, the labour form totals calculates the Profit or Loss position of the specific job.

The employees entered into the employees form appears in the Select Employees form.To enter new labour hours into the Labour form click on the New button and the Select Employees form appears. as shown below in Fig (1)

Double click on the employees name in the select emplyee pop up form  (” simliar to what you carried out in the quotation form to select a new customer” )

                                              Fig (1)

After double clicking , the employee name will appear in the Labour form as shown in Fig (2) below


                                                                                                    Fig (2)

Fill in the labour hours the employee’s pay rate and your charge out rate for that specific employee.
Desk Quote Professional will then show the calculation in the totals field below.
When calculating the jobs profit or loss the labour form supplies the Job Costing Form the actual costs of labour for this specific job.