Linked Table Manager Form

The Linked Table Manager form links your back end data tables.
If Desk Quote Professional automatically cannot find the location of your back end tables the Linked Table Manager Form will pop up after start up.

When Desk Quote Professional starts ,it will automatically check for the location of all your original back end data tables. If Desk Quote cannot find the back end Tables on startup the “Linked Table Manager Form ” will automatically open see ( Fig 1. ) The Table Linked Manager form will enable you to search for the back end tables save them and link to them.

These steps are as follows :

Follow the steps in the Linked Table Manager form to carry out the linking process.

The Steps illustrated in the Linked Table Manager Form are as follows.

  1. Start by clicking on the Search Button to search for your Back End Tables.
  2. After Locating your Back End DataTables click on the Save Button to start the Re-Linking Process.
  3. Desk Quote Professional will open the Progress form, once the linking process is over, the Start form will appear.
  4. Click on the button ” Start Desk Quote Professional “


If you need to Re-Link to a different set of Back End Tables carry out the following procedure.

  1. Rename the original Back End Table File called ” Desk Quote Professional_be .accdb ” .
  2. This file is located at either ” C:\Program Data “C:\Program Files ” OR ” C:\Program Files (x86) “
  3. Restart Desk Quote Professional and the ” Locate your Back End Tables ” Form will open.
  4. Click on the Search Button and search for the location of your new Back End Tables.
  5. After locating your new Back End Tables click on the save button.
  6. Desk Quote Professional will automatically open the progress form and link all your new back end tables .

If your Back End Tables are located on a Server please make sure you are connected. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact your network administrator.