Purchasing Form

The purchasing Form is where you will make all your supplier purchases and print your purchase orders.

When making a new purchase order it demonstrates that you have been awarder a specific job and you now are ready to purchase materials and items for this specific job.

First you would search for the specific job in the main Quotation Form and navigate to the purchase Form,

notice the enquiry number in the purchase form is linked to the main quotation form ,when you search for a specific job in future ,you will be able to click to the purchase form

and view all the supplier purchases made for this specific job.

The Purchase form has two sub forms ,this allows two automatically issued numbers to work alongside each other.


First click on the new purchase order button …. >  on the form as shown in Fig (1) below.


                                                                                              Fig (1)

When you click the new button your Select Supplier Form will appear as shown below in Fig (2) below.


                                               Fig (2)

Double click on the supplier you wish to purchase from in the supplier list section of this form, the supplier will then automatically appear

 in your purchase form and the select supplier form will close.

To add a new purchase item for this supplier and to continue generating your purchase order click on the new purchase item


button .. > as shown in Fig (3) below.


                                                                                 Fig (3)

Enter your purchase items quantity the description then click on the blue calendar button next to the Req Date to easily select the date and

to inform your supplier of the expected delivery date of that specific item.

Finally enter the price of the item you are then ready to click the print button to print your purchase order or click on the email button to automatically

send your supplier the purchase order.

Hover your mouse over the control buttons for a tool bar tip describing each button’s function.

When you eventually preview your Purchase order you will notice that the  purchase order no field has two numbers. see Fig (4) below

The first number represents your enquiry number and the second number represents the purchase order number.

Both these numbers are automatically produced by Desk Quote Professional.


                                                                                         Fig (4)

Screen shot of Purchase Form


Purchase Ledger Form

The purchase ledger form shows all your supplier purchase orders to date.

Supplier Details Form

The supplier details Form describes what each of the suppliers have supplied you , it also offers quick  referencing to their

telephone and fax numbers.

You may want to call your suppliers to confirm the price or delivery of the items before continuing with the purchase order.

This form offers an easy solution to get the information required with just one click of your mouse.

Purchase Order Report

Screenshot of the purchase order.