Quotation Form

The quotation form issues an automated enquiry number, these numbers will never be duplicated and will make it easy for searching and referencing your customers details and quotations.Using the binoculars search bar at the top enter in the enquiry no to search for your customer quotations.


Click on the New Button …. >      to enable the form and add a new Quotation.


Click on the edit button  ….  >      to enable the form and edit your Quotation details.
Use the lower Scroll Button to navigate through each Quotation …..>  

Click Here to go to the creating your first quoation video tutorial.

The image below has been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version.



In the lower half of the quotation form (Fig 6 ) click on the new quote item button … >   enter in your item number and then select your product/Part Number from the drop down Part Number combo box.

If you need to quote several items on this enquiry just keep adding items, and numbering the items 1 , 2 ,3 and so on, each item will be dispalyed in your quotation report. Your Part Numbers and Products gets its data from the Products Form


                                                                                             (Fig 6)

In the Quotation Form, click on the lower preview or print button strip as illustrated in Fig 7 below.


                                                         (Fig 7)

Clicking any one of these buttons open up the print Selection form as illustrated in Fig 8 below.


                                                   (Fig 8)

Click the Print button to print your quotation or the eye glass to preview your quotation.

You can also directly email the quotation in pdf format by clicking the email button or output the quotation in pdf format.


There are three option strips available, you have the option to send a quotation without a cover sheet or an option to send your quote with either the default cover sheet or the personal cover sheet that you can prepare or edit in the cover sheet designer … >

To directly email your quotation as a pdf, you will need to use Windows Mail or MS Outlook as your email client.

The email client software will need to be open on your computer.

Please navigate through all the features and buttons on every form to make yourself familiar with all controls.

Desk Quote Professional Letter Form


Click on the Customer Letter button  ….  >    to Open the Customer Letter Form

The letter form is an easy layout enabling quick search reference to all your letters.

The letter text is based on the rich text format and allows easy formatting.

Select the text and a mini toolbar appears, you can format your font,colours,text size ect in the mini toolbar.

After completing your letter just click the print button and your done.The letter report will automatically show all your company details and logo.

 No more requirement for a secretary to retype your letter in an acceptable format for your customers as Desk Quote professional does it for you.You probably will also save money as there is no more requirements to purchase headed letter paper.


Quotation Notes Form


Click on the Customer Notes button  ….  >     to Open the Quotation Notes Form

The Quotation Notes form is linked to the actual Quotation that you have displayed at any particular time.

You can enter in all the relevant Quotation Notes and details for your particular Quotation and these notes will only

be displayed.

Customers do occasionally part with some key information with reference your quote and it is always beneficial to make a note of this information to remind the customer at a later stage of what you actually you both agreed on and discussed.

You will now have the ability not only to inform him what was discussed but you will also be able to offer him the exact day when it was discussed.