Work In Progress Form

The Work In Progress form holds all your current work in progress.

After clicking the enquiry line field printing your Job Sheet and changing the job status in the job issued change status form the enquiry has now automatically moved to the Work In Progress form.

All your current work in progress will be displayed in this form and the total value of your current work in progress will also be displayed on this form.
The Form below shows just the one record currently in Work In Progress navigate to the Job Issued Form to see the form fully populated.


When the job sheet has been returned and the work or sale item is ready to be delivered ,click on the product line field to display the work in progress change status form as shown in Fig (1) below.

                                               Fig (1)

Click on the Awaiting dispatch button and a message box will appear asking you if you want to change the job status click yes to this message

The Enquiry job status has now been changed and the job item has moved from the Work In Progress form to the Awaiting Dispatch form.

Work In Progress Message Box